♪ A great racing driver, a talented musician and a gentleman. A gentle soul, I admire him so much and wanted to do a little tribute to him… Welcome to Unfinished Symphony, my tribute to Elio de Angelis. ♪


Un Bel Ricordo

The late Elio de Angelis remains one of the great Italian talents of Formula 1. And in this interview Autoprove.it retrace the stages together with Roberto de Angelis, Elio’s brother, and Andrea Gallignani.


A Lap with Elio • Zandvoort

Zandvoort is a high speed circuit and I really love to race on quick tracks – I prefer them to slow tracks like Detroit and Monte Carlo because I love the high-speed corners…


A Brother’s Memory

Elio De Angelis. I don’t think he was one of us. A normal person, I mean. Elio De Angelis represented, and represents even more today, an exception. A wonderful exception…


Roman Oratory

It’s a mad dash along the pit straight in fifth gear towards the Variante del Goodyear before you begin the great big slowing down process, selecting second gear just before you turn…


De Angelis scrive per noi

Il motore Renault è una bomba, il telaio eccezionale e siamo già più veloci di Prost. Però sono preoccupato per la sicurezza: senza minigonne si rischia troppo…


De Angelis writes for us

The Renault engine is a bomb, the chassis is outstanding, and we are already faster than Prost. But I’m concerned about safety: without miniskirts, you risk too much…