Keke Rosberg

Quel fascino che proprio non si dimentica

Il giorno 15 maggio di trentasei anni fa ci lasciava de Angelis, a seguito di un incidente nei test privati al Ricard. In queste pagine il fratello Roberto traccia un commovente ricordo…

That charm that you just can’t forget

Thirty-six years ago, on 15 May de Angelis left us, following an accident in the private tests at Ricard. In these pages, his brother Roberto draws a moving memory…

We remember you like this

Elio de Angelis, thirty years later. One hundred and eight Grands Prix, two wins, three poles. The numbers appear to be lying embroideries, they say but do not explain. They gasp, find it hard to justify…

Interview for Autosport • 1983

He lives in a villa situated on one of the Roman hills, together with his father, his brothers and sister, and a few servants. Every morning he gets into his tracksuit and goes running to keep fit…

Wealthy Talent… Wasted?

He looks like a tennis player. He’s shown many times that he has the skill and the inclination to win Grands Prix. For goodness’ sake, he’s also an accomplished pianist, who adores the work of Stevie Wonder.

Ti ricordiamo così

Il tempo non ha affievolito l’affetto e la stima che Elio aveva guadagnato. Riviviamo la sua carriera nelle testimonianze di personaggi che ne riassumono stile e qualità.

An Unfinished Symphony

Elio de Angelis could not only out-qualify Senna in an identical car, he was also a virtuoso pianist. Mark Hughes remembers this complex man and asks why he never realised his potential.