Alain Prost

La F1 1984 secondo Elio de Angelis

Interroghiamo un testimone di primo piano, anzi un protagonista dei Gran Premi, visto che nella classifica iridata alle spalle di “quei due” inafferrabili della McLaren c’è lui, Elio de Angelis…

The F1 1984 according to Elio de Angelis

We questioned a prominent witness, indeed a protagonist of the Grands Prix, given that in the championship standings behind “those elusive” McLarens there is him, Elio de Angelis…

Picture of the Day

In a rare photo, we can see Elio and Alain Prost relaxing in Rio de Janeiro before the 1986 Brazilian Grand Prix in Jacarepagua.

An Unfinished Symphony

Elio de Angelis could not only out-qualify Senna in an identical car, he was also a virtuoso pianist. Mark Hughes remembers this complex man and asks why he never realised his potential.