Picture of the Day

In a rare photo, we can see Elio and Alain Prost relaxing in Rio de Janeiro before the 1986 Brazilian Grand Prix in Jacarepagua.

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Photos by Carlo Peruch

My sincere thanks to Elio’s big fan Carlo Peruch for kindly send me his personal pictures of Elio de Angelis taken at the Canadian Grand Prix in 1983 and 1984.

Too handsome and too rich to succeed

The Italian Elio de Angelis won last Sunday, at the Austrian Zeltweg circuit, the first race of his life. At twenty-four years of age, de Angelis is already a veteran, with four seasons in Formula 1.

Wealthy Talent… Wasted?

He looks like a tennis player. He’s shown many times that he has the skill and the inclination to win Grands Prix. For goodness’ sake, he’s also an accomplished pianist, who adores the work of Stevie Wonder.

Le corse francesi e la fuga da “Alcatraz”

L’isola di Alcatraz è situata nella baia di San Francisco ed è diventata famosa perché era la sede di un carcere di massima sicurezza. Venivano destinati ad Alcatraz i detenuti estremamente pericolosi…