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Zeltweg, Austria (1982). Moments before the start of the race that would give to Elio de Angelis his first victory in Formula 1. Photo by Daniele Amaduzzi.

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Sedanini alla Elio

Some time ago a user posted in the Facebook group “Elio de Angelis: Il Pilota Gentleman“ a recipe that she said it was Elio de Angelis’ original: Sedanini alla Elio. She said she

Interview for Autosport • 1983

He lives in a villa situated on one of the Roman hills, together with his father, his brothers and sister, and a few servants. Every morning he gets into his tracksuit and

Le talent et la chance

La promotion massive des pilotes français en Formule 1 a été l’un des faits majeurs des dernières saisons écoulées, Sept Français en Grands Prix : c’était une situation privilégiée pour un pays. Enviable.

Wealthy Talent… Wasted?

He looks like a tennis player. He’s shown many times that he has the skill and the inclination to win Grands Prix. For goodness’ sake, he’s also an accomplished pianist, who adores the