Photos by Michel Bergeron

Many thanks to Twitter user Michel Bergeron for allowing us to publish in this website his photos of Elio de Angelis taken during the 1983 and 1985 Canadian Grands Prix, they’ll be also added in our photo galleries.

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A Brother’s Memory

Elio De Angelis. I don’t think he was one of us. A normal person, I mean. Elio De Angelis represented, and represents even more today, an exception. A wonderful exception…

Elio and Riccardo about the BT55

The Interviews • Satisfied Patrese and de Angelis. The new driving position does not bother the drivers, fully convinced that they have a car in their hands with which can fight for the

Elio de Angelis Lap of Montreal

“After the pit straight, my lap starts with a single-file fast up-hill approach to the Hella Licht chicane. This is a second gear corner which used to be a lot quicker before the

So close to victory

Last year it was a real effort for him to qualify. This year he aims at the front rows when he’s driving in practice. The least one can say is that he’s made