Photos by Philip Kozloff

Many thanks to the photographer Philip Kozloff that kindly authorized me to publish in this website his photos of Elio de Angelis taken in 1982, 1983 and 1984. They were also added in our Photo Galleries.

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A lap with Elio • Austria

“After the pit straight, my lap starts with a single-file fast up-hill approach to the Hella Licht chicane. This is a second gear corner which used to be a lot quicker before the advent of the chicane…”

Da Donna a Donna

Ute Kittelberger, tedesca, fotomodella e indossatrice, è la ragazza di Elio. L’ha conosciuto ad un party di “Playboy” anni fa e ora lo segue dovunque. Dice: “Non mi piace la F.1, alle partenze sto sempre male…

De Angelis Unpopular… Currently

It was a gorgeous day in Sardinia on August 15. But Elio de Angelis didn’t care. He took no notice of the swimming pool he was lying beside, nor the offshore powerboat anchored nearby…