Photos by Carlo Peruch

My sincere thanks to Elio’s big fan Carlo Peruch for kindly send me his personal pictures of Elio de Angelis taken at the Canadian Grand Prix in 1983 and 1984. They were also published in our 1983 and 1984 photo galleries.

A small curiosity about the picture used as this post’s banner… According to Carlo, in 1984 Elio had forgotten his pass and Niki Lauda came to his rescue, talking to the security officer and explaining what happened, so Elio could enter in the circuit without problems.

Carlo also did this beautiful pencil drawing in the late 80’s for Elio and was kind to share also this art with us:

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The eldest of a wealthy Roman family of four children, Elio received an education as complete as it was refined: architecture, law, economics and music (he excelled at the piano)….

La victoire passa si pres

L’an dernier, il se battait pour se qualifier. Cette année, c’est en pensant aux premières lignes qu’il pilote généreusement sa monoplace. Le moins qu’on puisse dire est qu’il a gagné…

Picture of the Day

Elio de Angelis with his sister Fabiana, his great friend and confidant. But that’s not all: Fabiana was also Elio’s manager and she negotiated on his behalf with car manufacturers and sponsors.