Photos by Gilles Diotte

I’d like to thank Photographer Gilles Diotte for allow me to publish in this website his photos of Elio de Angelis taken at the Canadian Grand Prix in 1979, 1981, 1983 and 1984:

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Photos by Angelo Giordani

Many thanks to New Foto Roma Instagram Page for allow me to add in the website today their pictures of Elio de Angelis taken by Angelo Giordani.

The Gentleman’s Relish is Revenge

When Elio de Angelis joined Lotus in 1980, he and Colin Chapman were a mutual admiration society. In this wealthy but talented young man, Chapman saw the promise of patrician values…

Lotus Flower

The eldest of a wealthy Roman family of four children, Elio received an education as complete as it was refined: architecture, law, economics and music (he excelled at the piano)….