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A few days before the start of the Formula 1 World Championship, we interviewed the man who will surely be one of the main protagonists: Elio de Angelis, first driver of team Lotus. Born in Rome 22 and a half years ago, he always had the passion for speed in his blood and the wish of becoming a professional driver was always in his head. After being Karts’ vice world champion, he moves on to Formula 3 and wins the national title, while racing in Formula 2 at the same time; he returns again to the minor Formula and wins the prestigious GP of Montecarlo, the rest is today’s history but, I want to remind you of what I consider his most beautiful feat: in the last race of the Italian Formula 3 championship at Maggione, even if starting from 24th place, he managed to recover position after position and won the race.

Start by telling us what your zodiac sign is.

Aries, and this is the only thing I know.

How well do you follow your horoscope?

A little, every now and then…

So, when I happen to leaf through the newspapers, I must admit that its prediction has often occurred, necessarily they try so many that sooner or later they have to take us; all this, however, does not mean that I can believe it.

Will you be superstitious at least?

I was, then I discovered that after all it was a manifestation of one’s insecurity, the only superstitious gesture that I have remained, and I believe that it is more part of my character than of actual superstition, is to always get in the car from the same part.

Do you like music?

A lot, in fact I enjoy playing the piano which, among other things, I have been playing for about 12 years; I like to sing, compose songs, rearrange old hits in a modern way, play with friends.

What kind of music is your favorite?

You know the genre that George Benson does, that mix of jazz – blues – disco that I find truly exceptional, then some Supertramp stuff.

Your favorite singer?

Stevie Wonder, his latest album is very nice, as far as the singers are concerned, I have to say that I don’t follow them very much.

Do you follow the record market, what’s new?

Yes, for what may interest me, certainly not the Italian one except for what concerns Lucio Battisti the only really good one in Italy who makes a musical genre open to all and very catchy, then I can save Pino Daniele, who, lately has done good things.

Have you ever been to a concert?

Yes, in California, I don’t remember exactly where, to hear George Benson “in concert” and I hope to be able to go to Stevie Wonder next year, if there is one around Los Angeles.

Where do you prefer to listen to the music you like?

Especially in the disco; at home where I have a good system that I put into operation in moments of relaxation or when I return from my work.

How often do you go to the disco to dance?

Not much because my commitments prevent me from doing it, but it is something that I like very much. When I can I go there with friends, “non-binding” boys and girls and if I can, not in Italian discos.

At Cinema?

Here too little for the same reason as before but, when I go I prefer funny movies, I like Renato Pozzetto, Celentano, our actresses don’t seem very good except Monica Vitti and from a strictly physical point of view: Dalila Di Lazzaro and Glio Goldsmith.

What is your ideal type of woman?

I don’t have a specific type of woman who could be the ideal one… She must have a beautiful body, be very attractive, dark hair, big eyes, be a reserved, polite, self-confident person.

You are not married, you are not engaged, so “free and available” for your fans?

I am “free and available” for all nice girls!

I believe that at this point our readers can come forward as long as they have all the requirements you require. Tell me now about the fascinating world of Formula 1 full of charming women, flirts, princely parties, receptions.

I must say that very little corresponds to what you have just said, because it is true there are opportunities but you are so tense, committed, nervous that you give them up from the start; parties, receptions is the “sponsor” that forces you to participate even if you are dead tired because the next day you have to go practice, they are things that are part of the profession and, therefore you have to accept them as they are.

Is it important for a driver to have a family?

Not much, for someone can give security to another not; someone may have a “heavy” foot on the accelerator because has two children and with his profession wants to give them a future; another just because has two children lifts his foot, it depends on the character of each one, it can be both good and bad.

Do you consider yourself handsome?

Yes! I have a regular face and I think this can be an advantage from an advertising point of view but, as far as we drivers are concerned, I believe that what can fascinate more than the physical aspect is the charm of those who race and risk the skin.

Have you ever leafed through an erotic magazine?

Of course! There is Penthouse, which sponsors Arrows and therefore it is a magazine that we often see at the Grands Prix and then we always look at a beautiful naked girl with pleasure.

Would you pose naked for such a magazine?


What if the sponsor forces you to do so?

They would have to pay so much to have me pose naked, that I don’t know how much it might suit them… And then, let’s see, but up to a certain point.

How do you spend your free time?

Jogging a little and playing the piano.

What do you envy on your peers?

To be a normal person who can have fun at the 22 years they are, that they can do what they want within the limits of prudence and common sense.

When you lose control of the car in those “endless” seconds of ‘head-to-tail’, what do you think?

I think about how I was fooled to choose this profession where you can die at 22 against a wall, then, as soon as everything has passed, you think about the car and any damage suffered.

Are you jealous, envious of who is better than you?

None of this. I have always had admiration, at the beginning of my career, I admired Lauda and Clark so much.

A champion you admire in another sport?

I don’t want to be misunderstood: Paolo Rossi, he is truly a champion, a champion and then why… He was in the middle!!

Favorite team?


How well can sex and speed get along?

Do you remember what is written on the medicines? … “Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully!” So they can coexist in fair measure.

What advice do you want to give to those who want to pursue your career?

Only one: to let it go!

Your secret dream?

Becoming Formula 1 World Champion… And then… I would like to fall in love with a woman very much.

Why don’t you do it then?

It’s not something you order; you don’t go to the store to buy 7 kilos of love.

If you weren’t a Formula 1 driver, what would you like to be?

A composer, I would like to compose some modern music that I feel inside of me.

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