A Lap with Elio • Zandvoort

Zandvoort is a high speed circuit and I really love to race on quick tracks – I prefer them to slow tracks like Detroit and Monte Carlo because I love the high-speed corners…

Roman Oratory

It’s a mad dash along the pit straight in fifth gear towards the Variante del Goodyear before you begin the great big slowing down process, selecting second gear just before you turn…

Too handsome and too rich to succeed

The Italian Elio de Angelis won last Sunday, at the Austrian Zeltweg circuit, the first race of his life. At twenty-four years of age, de Angelis is already a veteran, with four seasons in Formula 1.

A lap with Elio • Austria

“After the pit straight, my lap starts with a single-file fast up-hill approach to the Hella Licht chicane. This is a second gear corner which used to be a lot quicker before the advent of the chicane…”

Wealthy Talent… Wasted?

He looks like a tennis player. He’s shown many times that he has the skill and the inclination to win Grands Prix. For goodness’ sake, he’s also an accomplished pianist, who adores the work of Stevie Wonder.

Demasiado guapo y demasiado rico para triunfar

El italiano Elio De Angelis ganó el pasado domingo, en el circuito austriaco de Zeltweg, la primera carrera de su vida. A sus veinticuatro años de edad De Angelis es ya un veterano…