Che emozione partire davanti a Villeneuve

Mi arrivano lettere che mi chiedono come si diventa corridori di Formula 1. Istintivamente la risposta sarebbe quella di parlare di tenacia, di volontà, di capacità…

How exciting start in front of Villeneuve

I receive letters asking me how to become a Formula 1 driver. Instinctively the answer would be to talk about tenacity, will, ability. Then, thinking about it, you realize…

De Angelis Unpopular… Currently

It was a gorgeous day in Sardinia on August 15. But Elio de Angelis didn’t care. He took no notice of the swimming pool he was lying beside, nor the offshore powerboat anchored nearby…

Motoring News Interview

Born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth as the son of a wealthy Roman building contractor, Elio de Angelis made up his mind from an early age that he should carve his own niche in the world…

Un terzo al Lotus

Elio de Angelis è uno dei più giovani piloti della F1. Più giovani di lui sono solo Andrea de Cesaris, Martin Brundle e il suo compagno della prossima stagione, Ayrton Senna…

A third to Lotus

Elio de Angelis is one of the youngest F1 drivers. Younger than him are only Andrea de Cesaris, Martin Brundle and his teammate for next season, Ayrton Senna…

Too handsome and too rich to succeed

The Italian Elio de Angelis won last Sunday, at the Austrian Zeltweg circuit, the first race of his life. At twenty-four years of age, de Angelis is already a veteran, with four seasons in Formula 1.

The finishing touch

Mike Doodson talks to Team Lotus driver Elio de Angelis: You have the best finishing record of any driver in Formula 1 this year. Have you deliberately tried to finish races instead of winning them?

Le talent et la chance

La promotion massive des pilotes français en Formule 1 a été l’un des faits majeurs des dernières saisons écoulées, Sept Français en Grands Prix : c’était une situation privilégiée pour un pays. Enviable.

Talent and luck

The massive promotion of French drivers in Formula 1 has been one of the major facts of the past seasons, seven French in Grands Prix: it was a privileged situation for a country. Enviable.

Face to Face

At 22 years old, you are even younger than some past champions like Emerson Fittipaldi, Niki Lauda and Jody Scheckter were when they had the opportunity of leading top Grand Prix teams…

Wealthy Talent… Wasted?

He looks like a tennis player. He’s shown many times that he has the skill and the inclination to win Grands Prix. For goodness’ sake, he’s also an accomplished pianist, who adores the work of Stevie Wonder.

Demasiado guapo y demasiado rico para triunfar

El italiano Elio De Angelis ganó el pasado domingo, en el circuito austriaco de Zeltweg, la primera carrera de su vida. A sus veinticuatro años de edad De Angelis es ya un veterano…

How the tragedy of Elio de Angelis changed F1

Thirty-five years ago Elio de Angelis lost his life after a fiery accident at Paul Ricard that should have had a less serious outcome – and from which the sport learned valuable lessons…

Touched by Angelis

F1’s Fiat Pack – Eddie Cheever, Elio de Angelis and Riccardo Patrese – strode the pit lanes of the world in the 1970s and ‘80s. They all grew up in Italy; They all raced karts – for fun at first and then…

Legends: Elio de Angelis

Looking back at the career of Elio de Angelis, the popular Italian who became synonymous with Lotus but was needlessly killed in a testing accident with Brabham 20 years ago.