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♪ My father often asks me why I take the most complicated paths to get to my goals. I’ve never told him to his face, but it's because I find that the pleasure is even greater that way. - Elio de Angelis ♪

De Angelis Unpopular… Currently

It was a gorgeous day in Sardinia on August 15. But Elio de Angelis didn’t care. He took no notice of the swimming pool he was lying beside, nor the offshore powerboat anchored nearby…

The French races and the escape from Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island is in the San Francisco Bay and has become famous for being the site of a maximum-security prison. Extremely dangerous inmates or those who had already tried to escape…

Motoring News Interview

Born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth as the son of a wealthy Roman building contractor, Elio de Angelis made up his mind from an early age that he should carve his own niche in the world…

Lotus a commis une erreur politique

Son nom sonne comme une musique. Mais la mélodie, cette saison, a vire du guilleret au lugubre, du léger au rauque. Elio de Angelis est un homme en colère. De Angelis était à Monza pour disputer…

Lotus made a political mistake

Son nom sonne comme une musique. Mais la mélodie, cette saison, aHis name sounds like music. But the melody, this season, has veered from perky to mournful, from light to raucous…

Play it again, Elio

De Angelis is remembered for his education, refinement and sympathy. As well as for that great passion of his called piano. Elio de Angelis is one of the greatest drivers…

Un terzo al Lotus

Elio de Angelis è uno dei più giovani piloti della F1. Più giovani di lui sono solo Andrea de Cesaris, Martin Brundle e il suo compagno della prossima stagione, Ayrton Senna…

A third to Lotus

Elio de Angelis is one of the youngest F1 drivers. Younger than him are only Andrea de Cesaris, Martin Brundle and his teammate for next season, Ayrton Senna…

Too handsome and too rich to succeed

The Italian Elio de Angelis won last Sunday, at the Austrian Zeltweg circuit, the first race of his life. At twenty-four years of age, de Angelis is already a veteran, with four seasons in Formula 1.

Photos by Anthony Fosh

Many thanks to Anthony Fosh for kindly authorize us to publish his photos on the website! Visit his page on Flickr for more beautiful photos. The photos showed here will be also on our regular galleries.

Elio e Riccardo su il BT55

Le interviste • Soddisfatti Patrese e de Angelis. La nuova posizione di guida non infastidisce i piloti, pienamente convinti di avere fra le mani una vettura con cui puntare al titolo.

Elio and Riccardo about the BT55

The Interviews • Satisfied Patrese and de Angelis. The new driving position does not bother the drivers, fully convinced that they have a car in their hands with which can fight for the title.

The finishing touch

Mike Doodson talks to Team Lotus driver Elio de Angelis: You have the best finishing record of any driver in Formula 1 this year. Have you deliberately tried to finish races instead of winning them?

Le talent et la chance

La promotion massive des pilotes français en Formule 1 a été l’un des faits majeurs des dernières saisons écoulées, Sept Français en Grands Prix : c’était une situation privilégiée pour un pays. Enviable.

Talent and luck

The massive promotion of French drivers in Formula 1 has been one of the major facts of the past seasons, seven French in Grands Prix: it was a privileged situation for a country. Enviable.

Photos by Sandro Lorenzut

Many thanks to photographer Sandro Lorenzut for kindly authorize us to use his photos of Elio de Angelis taken during the 1981, 1983 and 1984 seasons. They are also in our respective Galleries.

Trent’anni senza un amico

Il 15 maggio 1986 moriva, dopo un incidente in un test, un pilota italiano pieno di talento ed eleganza, anche lontano dalle piste. Qui vi Raccontiamo chi era, con il ricordo affettuoso di Nigel Mansell…

Thirty years without a friend

On May 15, 1986, after an accident in a test, died an Italian driver full of talent and elegance, even away from the tracks. Here we tell you who he was, with the fond memory of Nigel Mansell…